Non Fungible Artist

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„Tyler James photographs the every day, in a beautiful way, that feels familiar and elicits an emotional response from the viewer.“

Meet the Artist
Tyler James, why do you make art?
I make art as a way of healing my soul. Part of my practice involves emotion imprinting. I imprint a trauma, emotion or memory into the photograph as an exercise of release. Negative emotions and memories I carry are imprinted on the piece, and then hopefully I can walk away without the burden of the weight on myself. 

How did you find out about NFT & what made you decide to deal with it and create NFTs yourself?
I had a few friends that kept asking me to join the space and mint some work! They thought my work/artistic approach would be perfect for the NFT space and they were completely right. All it took was me believing them, believing in myself, and actually doing it!

What personal info do you want the audiences to know about you?
I have a been a fine art photographer for 8 years and will never stop making photographs. It is something that heals me and is a form of therapy for me.
Tyler James‘s Artworks
Tyler James, where can we find you?

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