„My photos are a quiet place where people relax from the riot of color and noise.“

Meet the Artist

Saltus, why do you make art?
I take pictures because through photography I can express what is beyond the reach of words. A photograph is a short story in which visual images are used instead of words.

How did you find out about NFT & what made you decide to deal with it and create NFTs yourself?
I learned about NFT a year ago from a friend of mine. I won't hide the fact that I was attracted by the opportunity to earn money from my art — I almost never managed it in real life. Subsequently, I realized that the NFT community is not only about money, but also about support, friendship and inspiration. I believed in myself because of what I found in this world.

What personal info do you want the audiences to know about you?
My name is Polina & I am 22 years old.
Saltus‘s Artworks
Saltus, where can we find you?

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