„Being an oddball is a real superpower!“

Meet the Artist
Moonchild, why do you make art?
For me, it is a way to express the magical worlds that occupy so much space in my mind. These worlds are filled with wonders that I cannot help but share with others.
Through my art, I aim to capture the memory of childhood and present it in a mysterious form, combining fantasy and reality. Each piece is crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia and wonder, while also serving as a means of escapism.
Art is like air to me! And I generally believe that everyone living on this planet is a creator, just maybe not even aware that he makes art!

How did you find out about NFT & what made you decide to deal with it and create NFTs yourself?
I found out about NFT in 2021, I think it was some high-profile article related to some of these many PFP collections. At the time I found the whole culture quite strange and I did not consider it as an opportunity for my creativity, as I was working as an illustrator on a full-time basis. But later, in 2022, I just decided to try minting my first art, it definitely paid off and finally convinced me that it was a great opportunity to live my art!

What personal info do you want the audiences to know about you?
Nani Tamoona aka Moonchild is an illustrator and character designer. Through her alter ego, enclosed under the pseudonym of Moonchild, Nani has developed an artistic style based on the application of AI (artificial intelligence) and upgraded manually with a set of programs, including digital painting in Procreate through which she tries to recall emotions of the past with a nostalgic flavor. The result of her works are in fact works of art focused on the memory of childhood that is told in a mysterious form, combining fantasy and reality. From an aesthetic point of view, each work by Moonchild presents bizarre shapes and proportions that exalt the soul as a "mystery researcher" as the artist herself likes to define herself.​​​​​​​
Moonchild‘s Artworks
Moonchild, where can we find you?

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