Meet the Artist
Masha Kozhdan, why do you make art?
I'm a very visual person. I prefer and love to learn / watch the world around me, everything & everyone in it through images, pictures and spatial perception.
When I was a child I was crazy about creating things with lego, putting together a jigsaw puzzle, also my playing with Barbie dolls was just creating homes, the interior for them and organizing everything in it)))
Then being a teenager I was really addicted to watching different magazines, first of all fashion. And after I guess all magazines were watched by me. I was enjoying looking at all the editorial material inside and also the way commercial visual part looked like.
So finally all these activities led me to the photography. I started to create my own pictures. This is not only my great passion and love but the way of expressing myself.
Through the years of my work in different genres of photography, my skills, knowledge and watchfulness have improved. And nowadays I feel brave enough to experiment and try smth new in my creations.
I like not only to capture the photos but the process of creating interesting ideas and bringing them to life.
So I’m also an Art Director)

How did you find out about NFTs & what made you decide to deal with it and create NFTs yourself?
I heard about NFT first time in summer in 2021. There wasn’t much information about this back then but I saw here or there smth and started to be curious.
I told myself that I need to google it and to learn more about what is this NFT about. With these thoughts in my head I walked for a couple of months.
One day I saw the video in Instagram of one creative lady, trend watcher and designer who I’ve been following for quite a long time already. She was talking about NFT and her experimental NFT course for creative people who wanted to try and get involved in NFT. So thanks to this course I got acquainted with NFT.
I created my twitter in December, 2021 but wasn’t active there till March 2022. And from that time my NFT journey has begun.
I’m in NFT and I like it here because I feel that I finally found the way of creating and showing what I really want, what i capable of and passionate about, the way of fully expressing myself. I see a great potential for myself to experiment more, to try and learn new options of creating.
Also this is an amazing chance to connect to so many different talented artists and not only artists from all over the world, to share our works, ideas, experience etc. with each other, to inspire each other, to collaborate together and make friends.
I already met some people from NFT community IRL, and it is so great, believe me!)
And one more thing is that I believe that NFT is a new way for me to earn money and make my life better! Maybe it’s very optimistic but I’m an optimist. ))))
What personal info do you want the audiences to know about you?
Positive, adventurous lady from Belarus, good coffee & food lover, thirsty for travelling, super extrovert & crazy dancer, sun & warmth addicted, creative soul, curious visual person & just a real kind human.
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Masha Kozhdan, where can we find you?
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