„I trace lines that perhaps I have dreamed of!“

Meet the Artist
Luca Stagno, why do you make art?
Ever since I was a child, I have always had a strong passion for drawing. I always tried to visually imagine the stories I read in books and create my own characters that could tell my own stories. I studied at a high school for the arts and later studied engraving at the Academy of Fine Arts. I discovered that I am a romantic who tries to exorcise my incurable sense of nostalgia through drawing. My subjects are often the result of memories that suddenly resurface in my memory, scenes experienced, faces encountered or dreamed.

How did you find out about NFT & what made you decide to deal with it and create NFTs yourself?
A friend of mine, who is an artist as well, told me about this world and the possibilities it holds. Not long after, I created a Twitter account and was incredibly fascinated by the idea of meeting and discovering other artists and the enormous potential of the NFT community. Then I decided to mint my first NFT on HEN and when I sold the first, I realized that my art and a bit of me could reach anywhere in the world. It's amazing!

What personal info do you want the audiences to know about you?
I am obsessed with crosshatching. In addition to tracing lines, I paint houses for living and on weekends I make pizzas!
Luca Stagno‘s Artworks
Luca Stagno, where can we find you?

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