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„Be inspired, to inspire“

Meet the Artist
Erik Witsoe, why do you make art?
I started drawing and being creative at a very young age. First, monsters and dinosaurs and then later I started learning figure drawing, composition and dynamic perspective through comic books. This led me to Art school where I was introduced to and inspired by a broad range of visual arts and artists, including photography.
Photography came later in my life and I picked up the camera around 14 years ago after finding myself in a creative slump when I was having difficulty drawing and painting. The camera gave me a new way to connect creatively as an artist and visually "paint" what I saw. It was a slow process to learning to see with the camera, but I soon realized that I could apply my artistic knowledge easily here.
I have a need to be creative with most everything that I do. Its been this way for my entire life. I learned to cook at a young age as well and spent years learning to cook from some great chefs. This also satisfied my creative needs and allowed me to explore a different side of what it means to be creative and make art. Art and photography help me to connect to the world and give a way for a better understanding of myself.

How did you find out about NFT & what made you decide to deal with it and create NFTs yourself?
Years ago, I was approached by MakersPlace and asked if I would like to submit to their platform. At this time, early 2019 I think, they were starting out and wanted to onboard new artists. I joined, had no idea what any of it meant and was still thinking Web2 then. I wasn't sure I needed a wallet at the time and they covered the cost of the embossing. I added my work, created a gallery, sure that I would be selling like hotcakes…and crickets. I eventually forgot I had listed and went back to web2 style.
Around a year ago, I had grown frustrated with social media and felt that my reach was going nowhere on Insta and FB. I was browsing Twitter and started to see the tag #NFTphotography over and over attached to some excellent work. Curiosity led me to learning more and I was instantly intrigued and started to learn what the meaning of NFT is. I then remembered that I actually already had NFT and started to get excited. From there I was helped in the community by a few amazing artists who helped to introduce me to their circles. I bought some ETH, learned about wallets, minting and collections. I haven't looked back since.
Deciding to pursue NFT was the gift of a perfect storm of needing something new and being very tired of the traditional method of being seen in Web2.

What personal info do you want the audiences to know about you?
I am American and moved to Poland from Seattle with my partner Agnieszka 12 years ago. We have two cats that make us laugh every day.  I am an avid reader, love cinema and play guitar. I continue to practice and develop skills in different forms of art and photography.
Moving to Poland was not the easiest decision, but it has certainly been the most rewarding. Living here has taught me so much about who I am and given me a very different version of the life I had imagined, which constantly inspires  and challenges me.
Erik Witsoe‘s Artworks
Erik Witsoe, where can we find you?

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