Non Fungible Art

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„If you want to do something well, then do it yourself."

Meet the Artist
Dmitry Martovsky, why do you make art?
For me, this is a way to immortalize myself in history. The blockchain will help with that if it continues, probably... I often think about what will remain after me. I would like to write about myself in books or at least on Twitter. 

How did you find out about NFT & what made you decide to deal with it and create NFTs yourself?
I learned about NFTs from a friend a year and a half ago. I started with Ethereum and spent a lot of money, the Mint cost a lot of money. In the first six months nothing worked out for me and I gave up this business. But now everything has changed. At first I was driven by the desire to make money, but then I realized that the main idea was to make what I love most, invent things and come up with for my tasks. And to do something important and big.

What personal info do you want the audiences to know about you?
I have no information I want to hide from others. I am real, with my mistakes and successes. I try to share everything that happens in my life. Sometimes it's difficult because I only communicate through a translator. I think I could say more if I knew other languages.
(At school they said that you need to learn them!)
I am an artist & product designer, and probably an illustrator.  I also design jewelry. There are many personalities hidden in me.
Dmitry Martovsky‘s Artworks
Dmitry Martovsky, where can we find you?

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