The “Non Fungible Art Magazine“ is the place where neo art history is immortalized
The NFA Magazine is published four times a year, each time with 25 selected exceptional artists.
MINTING DATES: 12. December / 12. March / 12. June / 12. September. 2023
These artists are curated through screenings and public competitions on social media channels. The main goal of Non Fungible Art Magazine is to strengthen the NFT artist community and create a recognized name in the art scene. We want to enable collectors to present their artworks in an appealing way. We are offering the purchase of the NFA Magazine on the Tezos blockchain at a solidarity price of 1 $XTZ each.
This project is created by artists for collectors, founded in 2022.

Why are NFTs so important for digital artists?
NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital certificates used in blockchain technology to authenticate & sell unique digital assets such as artworks. For artists, NFTs are important because they provide a way to sell their digital arts while preserving the originality and authenticity of the works.
Digital arts are easy to copy & distribute, making it difficult to preserve their uniqueness and originality & ensure appropriate compensation for the artists' work.
NFTs provide a solution to this problem by making digital artworks unique, non-interchangeable assets stored on the blockchain. This preserves the uniqueness and originality of the artworks, and artists can sell them as collectibles.
Overall, NFTs provide artists with a new way to sell their digital art, preserve their originality and authenticity, and interact directly with their fans and collectors, directly on marketplaces or social medias.
Support your global artist.
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